John Pettitt holding the “Ryder Cup” 1985


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Richmond, Kentucky - Reno, Nevada

Once fixed, I left Oklahoma City empty, loaded meat at Altus OK, for delivery the following morning in Amarillo TX. What a lousy job, load, tip and do three hundred miles for a lousy $60. I was then Deadheaded up to Dodge City KS for a full load of frozen meat for Atlanta GA and Quincy FL. Again, more problems. Tipped Atlanta GA. without any problems, but noticed fan belt fraying on one side. Took truck into Atlanta Terminal where they fitted a new belt and Idler pulley. Went down to Quincy FL and tipped off the second drop, deadheaded to Madison FL and loaded for the Winn Dixie Supermarket chain in Louisville KY. I was two miles from my destination, when I encountered more problems. Guess what! Fan belt broken, Alternator pulley seized up. This took two days to fix at KTTR (Kentucky Truck & Trailer Repairs) - not having much luck, am I? Finally mobile, tipped off at Winn Dixie and given reloading instructions, only to find that the reefer tank was leaking. Made my way back to KTTR, with the promise of an overnight repair.


West Wendover Truck Stop - State Line Nevada and Utah I 80.

Obviously lost the first load but was given another from Richmond KY which was even better. Reno NV here I come. Looking forward to playing a round of golf in the desert. I should have known better. After a 2200-mile drive I arrived in Reno to six inches of snow. Tipped off the following morning and reloaded in Winnemucca NV with potatoes for Oklahoma City. Did not get to Oklahoma City because they asked me to do a changeover in Denver CO with another driver and I took her load for Gaffney SC.

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