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USA November 2005

I hate night flights and I was not looking forward to this particular one.

We arrived in  Newark Liberty International Airport at 2330 hrs on 2nd November 2005. Immigration proved to be not so bad as I had expected, but when I went to get the hire car and do an upgrade at the same time, my credit card was not accepted. I could have paid cash but on principle I decided to get to the hotel and ring Morgan Stanley for some answers. The response was that their computers were down and that they were not able to process any transactions. This also proved to be a problem with the hotel for the same reason and I had to pay cash for that.

The only consolation was that the following morning I just accepted the compact car I had already paid for and saved myself 810 dollars for the upgrade to a Dodge Charger. On reflection a very wise choice as the Dodge Stratus coped with everything I threw at it at a cheaper cost for fuel and did not give any trouble for the 7450 miles we covered on this trip.

As the initial reason for the visit was to attend a friends wedding In Laughlin, Nevada I had decided to make the journey across to Las Vegas as quick as possible to give us more time for relaxing.

This meant overnight stops in Indianapolis - Abilene, Kansas - Grand Junction, Colorado before we finally booked into Harrahs Hotel and Casino fronting the Colorado River on the 6th November 2005.

We had an excellent run over to Nevada encountering only a small amount of snow over the Rockies in Colorado.

It was certainly nice once we were through that to be amongst the beautiful scenery of the canyon lands.

Southern Utah

Southern Utah’s Canyon Lands

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