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City of Prague


The Czech Republic lies at the heart of Central Europe and at its centre is the beautiful and historic city of Prague. With a population of some 1.3 million residents, the city lies on either side of the Vltava River in the middle of Bohemia which is one of the three historic Czech territories - the others being Moravia and Silesia. The city has seven 'Chapter Divisions' or districts.

North and Western Suburbs

This is mainly an area of residential buildings and parkland, containing Prague's largest park - Stromovka. The park was originally a hunting ground and is now home to many attractions including the Vystaviste Exhibition Grounds, the Prumyslovy Palace, the Planetarium, the Lapidarium and 'Detsky Svet' a large funfair.

A walk to the west of the park, brings the visitor to the Summer Palace - a neo-Gothic building (begun in 1805) where the National Museum stores some of its treasures.

To the south of Stromovka lies the Letna parkland. A walk south brings one to a plateau overlooking the main city and river. Here you will see a large metronome which replaced the monument to Stalin - the largest in the world which was destroyed on the orders of Krushchev in 1962. Other places of interest are the Technical Museum and Museum of Modern Art, whilst walks through the residential areas will expose you to many styles of architecture.


Prague Photo Gallery

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