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Far East Tour 2002 - Hong Kong

First stage of the tour was the flight to Hong Kong. We flew over Scandinavia, Russia and China arriving a little late at the new Airport on the Island of Lantra. We were transferred by mini-bus to our hotel - ‘The Wesley’ on Hennessey Road. The room was small but seemed to have everything. Because we were exhausted we decided to eat in the hotel that evening. Typical hotel food.

Day 1. As we were only in Hong Kong for three nights, this only left two full days for sightseeing. We set off by tram from Hennessey Road completely unaware that the exact fare was required. The driver mumbled something in Chinese which I took to mean - don’t worry, as he let us get off without paying at the Star Ferry Terminal. We took the ferry over to Kowloon and spent the morning looking around one of the most fantastic malls I have ever seen.

Hong_Kong_Skyline Star_Ferry
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