John Pettitt holding the “Ryder Cup” 1985


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Denver, Colorado - OKC, Oklahoma

The trailer was a mess, with one wheel badly damaged and the tyre flat and five other tyres with only 80lbs pressure. Also the flashers were not working. This meant another five hours of my time at the Denver Terminal getting repairs, although I did manage to get a P.O.# for five hours at $8 per hour for this.


Interstate 70 in Kansas - quite difficult driving conditions

Finally moving, encountered heavy snow all the way across Kansas until I reached Topeka KS, where it turned to rain. Stopped the night, then pushed on to South Carolina. Tipped off in Gaffney SC, reloaded in North Carolina for Wal-Mart in Brooksville FL. Arrived Brooksville FL on Sunday night only to be told that my booking was for 0445 hrs on Tuesday. I’m thinking one day off in Florida means Golf. Once again it was not meant to be, as Florida had suffered 14 inches of rain in about three days and all the courses were closed. Nothing much else to do, so just had to sit and wait for Tuesday to arrive.

Finally tipped off, and because there was no traffic in Florida, was deadheaded 600 miles to Birmingham AL for a load to go to Grove City OH. Tipped off there and reloaded at Akron OH with five deliveries California. But as I had not got the time to get there, do the deliveries, reload and get back to Oklahoma City in time to fly home I was instructed to bring the load direct to the ROCOR Terminal. So here I am back in Oklahoma City on Sunday morning with nothing to do but wait until next Friday to fly home.

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