John Pettitt holding the “Ryder Cup” 1985


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Portland, Oregon

Eight hours later I was pulling out of the Cold Store loaded with frozen vegetables with six deliveries starting at Indianapolis IN, South Bend IN, Fort Wayne IN, Detroit MI, Taylor MI, and finally Stowe OH. This would be considered a bad load in Europe but here with 2000 miles to the first delivery and $25 for each stop off, this was going to be a good paying load. Unfortunately after I had covered only 750 miles and was on I84 heading for I80, the engine decided to go into retirement. The load was immediately re-powered by another Tractor and I was left with a dead engine and an empty trailer. The truck spent four days in Freightliners at Salt Lake City UT, being repaired.


Northern Utah heading towards Salt Lake City

Repairs done, I was instructed to go to Rupert ID for a load of potatoes for delivery to Keller TX. Plenty of snow across Colorado so pushed on through the night and made Amarillo TX. Only 370 miles left to go. Good lumper at the delivery point. He unloaded the potatoes, which were all handball in about one and half hours. I had to pay him $80 for this. These lumpers must be amongst the highest earners in the USA. I was then sent to Arlington TX to pick up a load, but one did not exist. After lengthy conversations on the Qualcomm I picked up Trailer 399 and brought it back to Oklahoma City. Apparently this trailer had been sold. I went through the inspection lane and once again I lost my truck to Workshops for three days for repairs.

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