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Grand Canyon, Arizona

As we only had three hours at the canyon before the train left for Williams, we were a bit restricted as to how far we could venture.

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We did manage to hop a couple of the free shuttle buses out to a point on the West Rim. This gave us a slightly different view of the canyon. Unless you are a “David Bailey”, I fail to see how you can capture the splendour of the canyon with a camera, as it never seems to be able to reproduce what you see with your eyes. That is why I only took a handful of photos. The time passed too quickly and it was not long before we had to board the train for our return journey. On the way back, the Cataract Gang boarded the train and held us all up. Only the sheriff was able to stop them from extracting too much money from us.

gc3 gc4

When we arrived back at Williams we booked into the Shay Marcos hotel and had our evening meal in “Max & Thelma’s Restaurant”. We retired to bed early because it had been a long tiring day, although a wonderful experience. Tomorrow would be another early start as we had to drive to Los Angeles to catch our flight home.

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