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Los Angeles, California

Day 11 As it was about a nine hour drive from Williams to Los Angeles we left early. The weather was lovely and it was a nice drive along the Interstate 40. We needed fuel and when we pulled of the interstate to get it, we were surrounded by hundreds of bikers and their Harley Davidsons getting fuel as well. Still it did not take that long to fill up. At the same time we took the opportunity of having a bite to eat in the local diner, which was again situated on the old Route 66. The bikers had apparently been out to a large meeting called the “Laughlin River Run”, whatever that was.

Car and body were now refreshed so we pushed on to Los Angeles. Our hotel for the night was near the Airport, so that it would be easy to take the car back to Alamo Car Rental. After checking in, we decided to take the car up into L.A. We managed to find Beverley Hills and drove up Rodeo drive with all its wonderful individual shops, then drove along Sunset Boulevard. Being daytime this did not conjure up any magic for me, but I am sure that at night it would look totally different.

It has been a fantastic holiday, but unfortunately it cannot go on forever. Home tomorrow.

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