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Williams, Arizona & ‘The Grand Canyon’

Day 9 Time to leave Las Vegas. Yvonne very disappointed as she fell in love with “The Strip”. This was another long day because of the distance involved. We were heading for Williams in Arizona where I had booked a room on the old Route 66. In actual fact it was the Route 66 Inn in old Williams. The weather was once again nice, up in the low 90’s and we made a midway eating and fuel stop at Kingman at the truck stop run by the “Truck stops of America” chain. You know the deal, eat as much as you like for $8. We just had some coffee and pancakes. Later in the evening we found an old 50’s diner called “Cruisers” complete with memorabilia of that period. The meal was excellent and very cheap.

Day 10 This was the day we were off to see the Grand Canyon. I had pre-booked a package which included rail travel to the canyon and return, Evening meal & Breakfast in “Max & Thelma’s Restaurant, which was situated in the station buildings and one night in the Shay Marcos hotel which was owned by the Grand Canyon Railway. This particular package cost $270 for the two of us. The train was due to leave at 10 o’clock in the morning and arrive at the canyon at 1215 hrs. Before everyone boarded, they put on a bit of a show with the Sheriff sorting out the Cataract Gang.


Steam engine runs only in Summer

This proved to be better than I thought it would be. Possibly because they must have been doing this for years, and have become totally proficient in knowing their lines and how they are expected to perform. Really quite entertaining. This set the day up. We boarded the train and as we pulled out of the station we were seen off by the “Harvey Girls”


The “Harvey Girls”

The “Harvey Girls” are named after the gentleman named Harvey from England who saw the opportunity for providing refreshments on trains. The journey up to the canyon rim was very pleasant. In every carriage their was some form of musical entertainer, be it a country guitarist or a hillbilly banjo player. We also had our own attendant who looked after us and kept us supplied with drinks and the odd snack. The scenery changed from level open countryside to terrain of a forest nature, and in no time at all we were pulling into the siding at the rim of the Grand Canyon.

gc1 gc2

Grand Canyon terminus at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

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