John Pettitt holding the “Ryder Cup” 1985


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Chicago, Illinois

We left Denver CO at 2115 hrs heading for our destination Chicago IL. I rode passenger till about one o’clock in the morning then Tim suggested I went to bed, as I would be driving when he had finished his shift. Weather conditions were awful - Snow & Ice, but Tim was coping admirably, so I went to bed. This proved to be a futile exercise because it was impossible to sleep with the bouncing of the truck on the road. I started driving from Underwood IA, made our allocated Fuel stop at Des Moines IA, then continued to Jolliet IL which is on the outskirts of Chicago IL. We delivered the load Thursday morning and was instructed to pick up 24 pallets which would be required at our next loading point, also in Chicago IL.


Downtown Chicago IL.

It took about five hours to load the trailer, after which we immediately set off for Charlotte SC. I took over in the early hours of Friday morning, and drove for 385 miles then Tim took over and did the last two and a half hours to our destination at Fort Mill. Unloading took about three hours and then we made our way to the ROCOR Terminal in Spartenburg SC, arriving at 1700 hrs. We dropped our empty trailer and picked up one already loaded. What a load. Three drops, starting at Salt Lake City in Utah, on to Phoenix-Arizona, and then on to San Bernardino-California, which is Los Angeles Area. Now this was a load to get your teeth into, as the first leg alone was 2200 miles.

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