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Orientation with ROCOR is a comprehensive 3-day program covering all aspects of what is required by the Company of a driver wishing to work for ROCOR.

Safety seems to be the word most often uttered, but how they equate that with a 75 mph speed limit I do not know. I am sure that I am going to find out when I get to drive one of these Trucks which are 70 feet overall length.

There were 31 drivers in the classroom of which only myself and another English driver were experienced over the road drivers. The rest had all come direct from training schools all over the USA. It would appear that the shortage of drivers is such a big problem, that companies are prepared to take trainee drivers on, and with only four weeks training with a ROCOR Trainer on the road, are let loose with 36 ton vehicles which are not so sophisticated as we are used to in Europe. ROCOR already this year has had 24 rollovers caused by taking bends too fast.

ROCOR provides for its staff quite a large selection of benefits with regard to Medical, Vision, Dental, Life Plans, Legal and Pension (401K). These of course are only for US citizens so it is imperative that Health Insurance is taken out in the UK for the period of stay in the US.

All vehicles are fitted with a Satellite Communication System (Qualcomm). A computer is in the cab and this is the only method of communication used with the exception of OS & and D. (Overs, Shortages & and Damage) which is communicated by telephone. The Qualcomm system uses a series of Macros, which are already programmed into the system. The number of Macros is quite extensive and covers all that the company and the driver requires in information.

After the orientation process it is ROCOR policy to place you with a Trainer for a period of two weeks training on the road. Unfortunately I had to wait for about five days for a trainer and in the end I had to fly to Denver CO. to meet him. Tim Conger (My Trainer) proved to be excellent in all respects. He was a superb driver and was able to pass on all the ROCOR requirements in a straightforward and easy manner. 


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