John Pettitt holding the “Ryder Cup” 1985


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Salt Lake City - Utah

Leaving Spartenburg SC on Friday evening at 2100 hrs passing through Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming arriving in Salt Lake City UT at 0400 hrs Monday morning. We were unloaded by 0700 hrs and set off for our second delivery at Phoenix AZ. This proved to be an interesting day for me as we made a slight detour to see Las Vegas NV. Then we also passed over the Hoover Dam - Quite fantastic. ROCOR then notified us of a change of plan - We were to change trailers with another driver after we had tipped in Phoenix AZ because he did not have enough hours left to complete the journey for the load he had collected. This was because he had loaded for Memphis TN and Atlanta GA and would not be able to get the load to destination on time.


Unloading Dock, Ogden. Utah


Colorado Winter Landscape

We met him at a Truck stop outside Phoenix AZ. changed trailers and immediately set off for Oklahoma City where I would be getting off. Tim had obviously already spoken to ROCOR, and said that I had reached the required standard in one week and would not need a second week. I was greatly relieved at this news because I had just traveled a total of 5700 miles in seven days with very little sleep and felt totally shattered. Wednesday was spent doing my laundry and trying to recover. Thursday I had to complete another written test and am now waiting to be assigned a truck. This is likely to be on Friday 21st November - then I shall be on my own.

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