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On our return from the States, myself, Tommy Bamford and Brian Knott decided that it was worth the risk of applying for a Green Card under the programme being advertised by First Point International.

We assumed that their might be a risk of us losing our money, which in our case was 3500 each, but felt that a company specialising in Green Cards for the USA would be worth the risk.

After two years we were granted E3 skilled status and were notified from America that final processing would be at the American Embassy in London. Unfortunately before we could be called to the Embassy, our petitions were recalled to Nebraska for reconsideration, because of wrong doings by the Managing director of First Point International. The Dept. of Trade and Industry had pursued First Point relentlessly until the point they went bankrupt. At the same time the MD of First Point was held in Florida on Visa Fraud.

Another year has elapsed, First Point is no longer trading, but the same personnel are in the same offices at Marble Arch. The new name is Visa Plus.

We cannot seem able to find out whether our petitions are dead in the water or not. Our information is still on the computers at the Embassy but they cannot tell us what the situation is.

There were two hundred drivers on the First Point Programme, each paying 5500. I paid less because I already had an American Commercial Drivers Licence.

In May 2000 myself, Tommy, Brian and another driver friend of mine. Billy Mallin took a weeks holiday in Missouri with the intention of finding out first hand from our sponsor whether he had heard from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service with regard to our petitions. He informed us that with all the trouble down in Florida, he had been advised by his lawyers to sever all ties with First Point International.

We had a meeting with these same lawyers and they said that they were working on another alternative for us. To date this has still not proved successful.

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