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Pullen Bros, Sikeston, Missouri

A series of photographs taken on our visit to Pullen Bros. Inc Missouri. in May 2000.


Billy, Tommy, Brian, with Sheila & Yvonne at Truck Stop on Interstate 55. Cape Girardeau. MO.


Tractors waiting for service and repair


Tommy, Brian, Billy and myself all hoping that one day we would be driving this.


Pullen Bros Yard in Missouri.


Pullens Office


Billy (Alias “Dream catcher”) in Freightliner FLD 120 Condo

Brian Knot

Brian Knott posing in front of a “Colombia” owned by Pullens. Passed away December 2004 and will be sadly missed by his fellow truckers.

Brian and Billy both made it last year to drive for Pullen Bros in Missouri. H2B’s finally arrived in July, lasting until November 2001. This is Brian posing in front of a new Columbia which was normally driven by one of the New Zealand contingent. (Peter) although I believe Brian did drive this for a period of about four and half hours, then it was back to the FLD, which makes up the bulk of the trucks operated by Pullen Bros.

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