John Pettitt holding the “Ryder Cup” 1985


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Unloading in Pristina, Kosovo


Just unloaded in Pristina

We were empty by 0900 hrs, but the whole show there is run by an ex Eddie Stobart driver who thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. Because there were seven Nipress drivers taking 24 hrs off (mainly because of laziness) the fuehrer decided that we would leave in convoy, with us at the back.

Picture someone, so full of his own importance, dressed in an army flak jacket, with sunglasses pointing to the sky on top of his head, leading a convoy of eight trucks in his 4 wheel drive Range Rover complete with the necessary “Orange flashing lights”. Why we needed an escort going out when we did not have one coming in is beyond me. As Richard Littlejohn would say “You could not make it up”.


A re-fuelling stop on way back through Greece

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