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Patras - Pristina, Kosovo

We caught the Strintzis ferry on Saturday, one of their new fast ones, but I think it must have been built in a rush, because the whole vessel vibrated so much that it was impossible to get any sleep. We duly arrived at Patras; (Although I would have thought it would have been better to go via Igoumenitsa. – Quicker by a full day and much cheaper) and then drove a few kilometres to the Rio ferry, which took us over to the mainland. Had an extremely good run over the mountain to Lamia and after taking the usual statutory 45-minute break, journeyed up to the Greek/Macedonia border at Evzoni.


Ferry from Rio to Nafpactos

When we got through to the Macedonia side of the border, it appeared that because NATO was not helping restrain the Albanian rebels from invading Macedonia, we were going to be made to suffer. Our paperwork was declared insufficient to transit. They insisted on us having T Forms made out. This was not a problem in itself, but the agent was not happy because previous drivers had not fulfilled their obligation to discharge the T Forms correctly. This I could understand, as it was him who was putting up the guarantee.

I assured him that I would discharge the T Form correctly and for 100 deutchmarks he made it out. We then carried on to the Army base near Pristina Airport where at 0600 hrs the following morning we would be having an escort. (I assumed it was to be to Pristina, as all the problems seemed to be in Kosovo) but as it turned out the escort was only up to the Macedonian/Serbian Border (Kosovo). Once through into Kosovo we were on our own up to the British Army camp in Pristina.

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