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Loch Palm

It was great having the car to get around in because the Island of Phuket is quite large and there is plenty to see and do. We did a complete tour of the Island, taking in Phuket Town - which seemed a bit drab, but maybe it was because we saw it on a sunday. The liveliest resort on the island is most definitely Patong and I am glad that we were not staying there, although it had atmosphere and some good restaurants which were a fraction of the price on our resort. We had an elephant ride after constant pestering from yvonne, but she was only aboard one minute and she wanted to get off - No chance.

I managed to get another game of golf at the ‘Loch Palm’ golf club. Once again a magnificent course set high in the hills with fantastic views. This time I had a buggy, which helped in getting me round but did nothing for the golf - I guess I will have to accept that my golfing career has finally come to an end. These shoulders of mine do not allow me to even half swing.


‘Loch Palm’ Golf Club on Phuket Island. Thailand


Where we had the elephant ride


This was the one, only a baby they said - 25 years old but sure-footed


One of the local Temples

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