John Pettitt holding the “Ryder Cup” 1985


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Las Vegas, Nevada

Day 7 We booked out of the hotel at six in the morning as today was the day that yvonne was not looking forward to. By that I mean the long drive down state road 95 through the Nevada desert to Las Vegas. This was a journey of some 460 miles and the temperatures were going to be up in the 90’s. Still with air-conditioning, I could not see a problem.. What can I say, up and down most of the way, nothing to be seen for miles and occasionally coming across a small hamlet. Managed to get a bite at a McDonalds in Tonopah, which at 6256 ft must be one of the highest. Crossed the “Armargosa desert”, past Devils Hole “Death Valley National Park” and Indian Springs into Las Vegas. Went in past the Airport so that I was able to drive the complete length of “The Strip” as yvonne had not been here before. The whole journey took seven hours.


Our first view of “The Strip” in Las Vegas. Nevada.

We were staying in the Castaways Hotel and Casino which was someway from the strip, as I found out later when I tried to walk there. I had to give up because of the heat and we got a taxi back to the hotel and had a nice meal in the Italian restaurant.

Las Vegas Strip
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