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‘Kampa Park’ Restaurant - Vltava River Charles Bridge - Prague

As it was Yvonne’s (My wife) birthday whilst we were in Prague in December I booked a surprise meal for her at the ‘Kampa Park’ Restaurant which overlooks ‘Charles Bridge’.

A trendy restaurant for smart people, the ‘KAMPA PARK’ opened in 1995 in a most fantastic location. On the River Vltava (Moldau) embankments, with a breathtaking view on the legendary Charles Bridge: which, in term of marketing, should be more than enough to capture tourists passing by. The young Norwegian restaurateur caring of this landmark preferred the challenge, consisting in raising the place among the top five leading gourmet spots in town.

We had  a great meal at ‘KAMPA PARK’. Due to unfavourable weather conditions, we did not sit at the riverfront terrace, but chose the elegant modern dining room. The all restaurant has been recently totally refurbished -not to say reconstructed- and takes much pride in this Californian style room, which has been planned and designed by the owner. But the terrace is so romantic. Practicable almost all year long, thanks to its heating columns, it was quite full the day of our visit. At first sight a good mark for a restaurant.

We have not been disappointed at all by a more than honest - not to say delicious! - cuisine, and a friendly though efficient and quick service.

Expensive compared with the Czech standards, we found the experience perfectly affordable for westerners.


The Kampa Park restaurant with the Terrace on the Vltava riverfront and Prague Castle in the background.

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