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The Holy Ghost Church


The 14th century Holy Ghost Church, preserved according to its original form, is closest to the Town Hall. It belonged to the order of the same name and was called the Town Hall Chapel. After several expansions, it became the aldermen's church, the place where the Rat gathered for ceremonial services. Due to its origins, the architecture is non-traditional and different from that of other Old Town churches. The church consists of only two naves. The 15th century altar, which was completed under the guidance of Bernt Notke of Lubeck, the center part of which depicts the pouring out of the Holy Ghost, and the wings show scenes from the life of Jesus and Saint Elizabeth. Also , of interest: Tallinn's oldest, 16th and 17th century late-renaissance-style pulpit, Renaissance baroque chandeliers, early baroque choir pews covered by Biblical paintings and baroque epitaphs. C" The clock built by Christian Ackermann on the exterior wall continues to keep time to the present day.

Of the church's pastors, Johann Koell, has gone down in history as the man who translated the oldest surviving Estonian text, a catechism. His colleague, Balthasar Russow, wrote the Livonian Chronicle, an early history of the region.

The church is an operational evangelical Lutheran church.

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