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Halltown MO - Louisville - Sikeston MO

Wednesday 19th June. Today was just a steady drive across Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana and then into Kentucky across the Ohio River. By this time it was getting towards rush hour and the traffic was coming from all angles. Nevertheless, I had a relatively smooth passage through on I 64 and then picked up I 265 North to exit 30 where I came off and turned left and then left again to Kroger’s Distribution Centre. Of course I knew that I was 12 hours early, but you never can tell. In this case, no luck, I was told that it would be at the time on my notes in the morning. So I will have to sleep here, get up early and hopefully unload at 0730 hrs.

Thursday 20th June. I was called on to the unloading dock number 125 at 0500 hrs and was then told that it would be about three hours. In actual fact I was unloaded by 0730 hrs, so I consider that a result.


On the Unloading dock at Kroger’s Distribution Centre, Louisville. KY.

I sent confirmation of being empty by Qualcomm to my dispatcher and he replied to return to Sikeston MO. This took a good four and a half hours and on arrival was told that I would be loading on Friday.

The workshops serviced my truck and I was having two tyres replaced on the trailer when I was told that I would be losing the trailer. I was not a happy bunny, because I had looked after this trailer and I wanted to keep it.

I then had a run in with Linda, who is the wages clerk, because there was no cheque for me in my mailbox. She said that she did not get my Trip Paks in time. This I do not believe, because I had sent them in to the office before the Monday deadline.

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