John Pettitt holding the “Ryder Cup” 1985


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The only Open handicap competition I entered was the “Grand Atlantic Trophy at Weston-Super-Mare G.C. this is a 36 hole tournament off handicap but usually balloted out at somewhere around 12 due to the high interest in this tournament. I won the scratch three times, twice with 139 and once with 137 and the year I had the 137 I won the handicap as well. 1979 a fantastic moment for me as this trophy I had tried to win for ten years because it is the biggest I have ever seen. I won about 200 that day, what with sweeps etc, but after taking my fellow competitors to the Chinese restaurant in Weston and my wife filling the cup with Champagne we actually left Weston without a halfpenny left in our pockets. My name is on the boards there.

Grand Atlantic Trophy - Weston

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