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Fantasea - Phuket

At the same time as I booked the cooking course, I also made a booking to attend “Fantasea”. This is an all inclusive meal and show at a site just north of Patong. The evening starts early so that one can wander around the many special shops inside selling clothes, souvenir type goods etc.

Fantasea_Phuket01 Fantasea_Phuket02
Fantasea_Phuket03 Fantasea_Phuket04

Then at 1800 hrs we all filed into the large eating house which, I am told, will actually seat around 4000 people. Each row of tables has its own help yourself type servery. This actually worked in practise, so we never had to wait at all for anything. Also the food was of the highest quality - could not be faulted in any way.


Just one section of the Restaurant at (Phantasea) on Phuket Island. This Restaurant supposedly seated 4000 diners

The show was a mixture of dance, illusion on a very grand scale (Even an elephant was levitated). Gymnastics, trapeze with lazers (Incredible) and at least twenty elephants. A really wonderfull evening’s entertainment.

We spent a lot of time just riding around, we even found a brand new Tesco store which was excellent - if only because of the prices. We also drove over onto the mainland with the intention of going to visit the island made famous by the James Bond film, but the tide was out and we did not fancy the wait.

The whole week on Phuket was very nice, weather was perfect - what more could I ask for. Time to pack once again for the flight to Bangkok.

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