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Korce - Fabriano

As we approached Korce, the minibus played “Land of Hope and Glory” through its loudspeaker system on the roof. It took a couple of days to unload the vehicles and then we made a visit to the hospital that was to be the main beneficiary of the goods we had brought. I cannot ever imagine those conditions in our hospitals. It was quite depressing.

We left the following day via a northern border, which led to the Greek town of Kastoria. This is a very wealthy town because it is the centre of the Greek Fur Trade. It is also sited on a beautiful lake that we stopped alongside for the night. Next day it was back to Igoumenitsa via Joannina.

This particular ferry went to Ancona, Italy. It was May 7th when we landed in Ancona and I said good-bye to everybody because I had to go to Fabriano and reload with Ariston washing machines, while they made their way home empty.


Ariston Washing Machine Factory at Fabriano, Italy. in early May - No, I could not believe it either

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