John Pettitt holding the “Ryder Cup” 1985


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Denver - Fort Wayne IN - Lexington VA


On the unloading dock at Interstate Cold Store, Fort Wayne IN.

I unloaded pretty quickly and was given another job to pick up at Huntington IN., which was about twenty-seven miles away. When I got there I found out that it was a drop and hook, so I have ended up with an older trailer, which is revving its guts out trying to maintain –20 degrees, and it needs fuel. The route to Richmond VA is by all the state roads and it is going to be impossible to find a Flying J. to fill up. I now have three days to do about 680 miles – one extreme to another. Still, I feel that I could do with the rest.

Saturday 29th June. I fuelled up first thing this morning, the reefer took 47 gallons – I shouldn’t wonder it guzzles fuel when it seems to be in power mode all the time. Obviously cannot maintain the low temperatures. A wonderful day’s driving in some of the most beautiful scenery as I traversed West Virginia and into Virginia, finally stopping for the weekend at a Truck Stop off the beaten track Nr. Lexington VA. This Truck Stop, which was recommended to me by an American Trucker, is exceptional in every way. I have fitted my air gun for cleaning the cab and also put on a spinner to make it a bit easier when I am reversing, as I cannot seem to be able to look over my shoulder like I used to. Tomorrow, I am going to have a look at the air cleaner, to see if that might be the problem with the lack of power. Today again, I was down to 17 mph on some climbs, and everything else seemed to fly by me. They cannot all be empty.

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