John Pettitt holding the “Ryder Cup” 1985


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Lake Tahoe & Carson City

We stopped at a small village and had a very pleasant brunch. Passed through Incline Village, which was very upmarket and back down to Carson City, making a short detour to see “Genoa”, the first recorded settlement in Nevada. We returned to Reno after quite an exhausting day.

tahoe9 tahoe10

A small village on Lake Tahoe where we had brunch.

genoa1 genoa2

A couple of picturesque houses in the early settlement of “Genoa” Nr Carson City. NV.

Day 6 Once again we left the hotel fairly early ready for another day in the mountains. This time we headed for “Virginia City”, which, although not very far from Reno, took longer than I thought it would because of its high elevation of 6800 ft above sea level. The town was just as I imagined it having seen enough westerns on the TV. Virtually one main street. Apparently, there were more people living there during the silver and gold rush, than there are today.

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