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Bregano - Banja Luka - Sipovo

What a lovely day on Tuesday. As we entered Croatia at Bregana the roadside temperature sign was showing that it was 21 degrees. Yes, 21 degrees in February in a country, which is usually minus this temperature at this time of year. Still, must not complain Eh!

The new bridge between Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina at Stara Gradiska is now finished and is now the official route through to Banja Luka and Sipovo. Much better than using Dvor border.

Arrived at the Metal Factory just outside Banja Luka on Tuesday afternoon. We met two other "Warisa" drivers. Bosnian Mick and Paul, who were having their trucks washed by two local lads.

Our load was destined for the camp at Sipovo, but as we were also loading back from there on Thursday, it was decided that Tommy would take his 24 hour weekly rest period off at Banja Luka and then we would go to Sipovo on Thursday and tip and reload the same day. This we did and then returned to Banja Luka for our overnight stop.

Bosnia0004 Bosnia0005
Bosnia0007 Bosnia0008

All these photographs were taken on route to Sipovo - which is another British Army Base. The town of Mrkonjic Grad is shown above and below is one of the many new graveyards which have sprung up everywhere.

We left Banja Luka at 0600 hrs on Friday, and Tommy made Munich in his allotted hours. It was then decided that I would drive for another four and half hours, taking us on to Frankfurt. This meant that we would be able to make the ferry on Saturday night at Calais. This we did and then stopped at Ashford Truck stop for the night.

Tommy dropped me off back at Heston Services, where my wife picked me up. Having spent an enjoyable time doing something, which has always given me pleasure and satisfaction. It was mentioned that if and when he is asked to go to Kosovo then my services would be requested again.

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